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Commercial & Non Commercial Reproduction

Reproducing images from the National Galleries of Scotland’s Collection

Permission to reproduce images must be applied for.

We require the following information:

  • What kind of project you require the license for.
  • How many countries the project will be distributed or broadcast in.
  • How many copies/transmissions you require rights for.
  • The size of the reproduction, eg half-page, book cover, still for broadcast.
  • The deadline of the project.

We are always willing to discuss possible reproduction of the collection. Please let us know if you wish to reproduce any of our collection as we cannot issue permission for publication of images taken from books, postcards, colour prints, 35mm colour slides or any other existing published materials. Permission to reproduce works in the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland can only be granted if the photographic material has been obtained from the Picture Library.

Academic projects may receive discounts depending on the individual project.

Product Licensing

We are delighted to discuss any licensing enquiries and can negotiate contracts for commercial licenses for an upfront fee or on a royalty basis. Please contact the Picture Library for further details.